Our one-bedroom cabin Cozy Nook rented for 26 nights in July, and the first two weeks of August are almost booked. By contrast, Seclusion has only one renter for the rest of July (2 nights) and one more 2-night renter in August. Seclusion can be rented in one-bedroom mode with the same queen bed and extremely comfortable mattress, 200 more square feet of living space, and the same wonderful hot tub. Cost is only $5 more per night in one-bedroom mode than Cozy Nook (if you want the king bed upstairs in Seclusion, you’ll have to rent the whole cabin at $130 per night). Cozy Nook rents more than twice as often as Seclusion, but still has 30 5-star reviews (compared to 54 for Cozy Nook) accumulated since we bought both cabins 20 months ago. In the event you want to book soon and can’t get into Cozy Nook for the dates you want, Seclusion is your obvious next-best choice. It is actually a minimal step above Cozy Nook as a rental cabin, and we strongly encourage you to give it a try.