Gran's House - Located in Dublin Georgia

Property Description

This rental offering consists of a small house attached to our home, a place of refuge built for Jay’s elderly mother for the last years of her life. It has sat mostly empty but well-maintained though occupied infrequently since her death in 2007. As our own ages advance, we must secure any income we can, since retirement and other circumstances, such as advancing age, have created such a need. We presume that the attraction of such a facility in a city like Dublin will be limited, but hopefully some who visit will find this alternative attractive and priced competitively with existing options. Most of the story of this little jewel can be found in the pictures, but in addition to what shows up in the pictures, it has many other advantages. It has its own heating and cooling system, a standby generator in case of power failure, WiFi, and most of the conveniences of home. We rent this property exclusively through Airbnb, which we are certain will be quite adequate for our purposes.

Finding the property is easy if you have a GPS, and we will give you in your entry message the exact address to search, which should bring you right to the property. If you happen not to have GPS or a smart phone, we can send you directions as part of your entry message (you’ll need to let us know if you need these). We need not be at home when you come, but please follow these simple guidelines and you can still easily find this destination.

On entering the driveway, GPS direction will cease, so here is the way to get to Gran’s House. Our driveway is 700 feet long from the main road, very flat and well-paved with asphalt. As soon as the driveway begins to widen, look for parking for one or two vehicles on the immediate left, just in front of a walkway that leads to a different building. DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE TWO GARAGES YOU’LL SEE, as our vehicles are kept in these and we need to be able to come and go unhindered. As you park your car and get out your belongings, zero in on the breezeway between the main house ahead and the main garage. You will need to go up a set of steps, and then directly down more steps to clear the breezeway. There you will encounter a pea-gravel walkway that goes sharply to the right. This path is lighted at night by a string of solar lights on its left side. Follow the pathway to the deck visible just to the right of the walkway, which is accessed by a fairly steep but short set of steps. Once on the deck, Gran’s house dominates to the left, with a short railed walkway to it. The key is in the lock box just right of the door, and we will naturally provide the combination to you in your final entry message. Keep the key out of the box and available for your use during your stay, but on leaving please lock the house and put the key back in and close the lock box.

Once inside the house, you’ll find yourself in a short hallway leading to the kitchenette area. The walk-in closet is just to your left toward the back wall of the house, and will hold hanging clothes or anything you want to put on the floor or shelves. Do not in any way attempt to adjust the hot water heater in this closet, which is already set to the correct temperature and ready to use. The kitchenette has a very usable set of dishes and tableware, a small refrigerator, a microwave oven, a toaster oven and a regular toaster, a two-burner hot plate, and a coffee maker. We supply coffee and condiments for your convenience.

The bedroom consists of a queen bed that is exceedingly comfortable. In the bedroom are several drawers for your use as needed. Two luggage racks are provided for your use as well. Several lamps give the bedroom a cozy glow as you prepare for bedtime.

The all-tile bathroom is the final inside feature of Gran’s House. This bathroom was custom-constructed for her to be able to access all features with minimum danger of falling. The shower is entered without having to step over any obstacles, and has a corner tile seat and two shower heads, one a regular wall head and a removable hand-held head. A large shower curtain protects the rest of the bathroom while one bathes. The commode is of the handicap variety, higher and easier to sit on and stand again. The sink is pretty standard with a large mirror, several drawers, and hair dryer. We also provide soap, shampoo, and hair conditioner.

All facilities have the needed linens installed in the right place, including those on the bed. If your time there is more than a week, we can provide extra towels and other linens as needed.

When departing, please put all used linens on the bathroom floor (include those stripped from the bed and those in the kitchen), then lock the door and place the key back in the lock box, which you should then lock by moving the combination off the correct one. If you’ll be back, of course, lock the house and take the key with you.

If you need short-term accommodations in Dublin, GA, please consider this marvelous facility.

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