Helen Area Restaurants

Helen and the surrounding areas are famous for fine, even elegant, dining experiences, as well as simple informal and filling but low-cost fare. We’re trying to cover as many restaurants in outlying Helen as well as some of the country eating places, plus the best restaurants in nearby towns such as Clarkesville and Dahlonega. Note that we are not emphasizing the more visible “touristy” restaurants where the river crosses Main Street in Helen, not because the food lacks quality or anything of the sort (and we’ve eaten at all of them and we recommend them), but simply because these are already well-known and are highly visible to even the casual tourist. We’re searching for unique dining experiences that one might ordinarily miss unless you have a resource to help you, such as this website. It will take us another year to have an exhaustive video series on restaurants that are generally within thirty minutes driving of Helen, so check back often to see how far we’ve come. I think you’ll be impressed at the ones we’ve sampled already. Pick one that appeals to your particular appetite, try it out, and hopefully enjoy!

Local Restaurants

New table of fine fare at Bernie's Restaurant

Red snapper special at Bernie's

Shrimp and scallops at Bernie's

Superb beef special at Bernie's

Bigg Daddy's

Nighttime view of Bigg Daddy's Restaurant

Salid and wine time at The Attic in Clarkesville.

The best barbecue in the world north of Dublin, Ga. - downtown Helen.

Cowboys and Angels Restaurant

Lake Rabun Hotel and Restaurant

Another view of Lake Rabun Hotel and Restaurant

Beginning of a great meal at Lake Rabun Hotel and Restaurant

Bergland Building - night view

Night photo of Hayloft Restaurant

Appetizer at Deer Lodge Restaurant

Outside view of Deer Lodge Restaurant

Outside view of Glen Ella Springs Restaurant

Glen Ella Springs Dining Room

Salad and Wine at Glen Ella Springs Restaurant

Typical Table at Glen Ella Springs Restaurant



This is probably the newest restaurant in the Helen area, and it’s a jewel. If you want really elegant dining, this might be the place. The movie that accompanies this article make it clear that this is a very, very special place. We were there in July of 2017, and the hotel was still not open. We were probably among the very first customers at the restaurant, in fact, which was still training its employees in the basics of customer service. The new restaurant has brought in a famous chef (no chef is famous to me—I couldn’t name a chef anywhere, in fact) to get the new restaurant off to a good and classy start. I think he succeeded, at least the night we were there. We were given utmost attention, though the learning process for the very nice employees was certainly apparent. The food was delicious by any standards, though of course the prices were commensurate with the quality of the food and the level of service—which will get even better as new waiters, waitresses, and bartenders gain experience and training. The restaurant is located adjacent the only golf course in the Helen area, well-known Innsbruck Golf Resort, where million-dollar homes are common and the golf course itself is one of the best. Surprisingly, there is NO dress code here, despite the highbrow appearance and feel of the place. You can wear your shorts and tank top or a tee shirt, if you want. We chose something in between, simply because when dining in a special place, you want to look your best (which is becoming increasingly hard to do!). Anyway, if you want a very, very special experience, you might want to try out this place. Entrance is via a bridge from Helen, and simply  telling the guard at the gated entrance that you have reservations to eat at Valhalla Restaurant did the trick for us. I think that might be the ticket for anyone who eats here. Bon appetite!

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